History of Living East

History of Living East

Living East was the cultural consortium for the East of England, established in 1999 by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. The consortium was the lead advocate for culture in the East of England.

As a consortium they worked together as a combined voice for culture in the region on:

  • strategic research and cultural planning
  • research and intelligence gathering
  • working with local authorities
  • promoting the region's culture
  • strategic social and regeneration projects

Living East was made up of those bodies representing a broad range of cultural interests in the region, including Tourism, Arts, Sports, Heritage, local authorities and Learning interests. It was tasked with creating a strategy and supporting projects to further the development of cultural activity in the Region.

England is known throughout the world for its rich and colourful heritage and culture. Places, people, myths and legends all come together to tell us stories that fascinate and inspire. They provide vital clues about our past and are therefore vital to our present and future.

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